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Grants and Funding

Everesta Grants and FundingWhat should I do if my company wants to apply for subsidies from the EU? Every entrepreneur asks this question and Everesta is there to give you an answer. We are ready to help you choose appropriate subsidy and grant titles and facilitate your opportunity to receive the funds. Your projects will be prepared for financial support from the EU and you will be ready for the grant application process. The subsequent implementation and administration is also a time-consuming process. It requires experience and expertise, which is why an important part of our portfolio is to support successful implementation and administration of projects supported from the EU. The project implementation tends to be closely watched after the grant has been approved. We will support you on all of this.

We are ready for all steps of grant project preparation and implementation.

ECS Eurofinance

Everesta (formerly called ECS Edconsia) has a separate division devoted to the grant process.  ECS Eurofinance is our subsidiary where teams of specialists work to provide comprehensive grant management services for businesses and municipalities.  Since October 2010, we have served our clients on 60 projects. 54 of them (ie fully 90% ) received a grant.

Whether you are a corporation, medium or small business, large city or a village, we are ready to help you with grants and subsidies.

ECS Eurofinance assists all sorts of organizations with grants and subsidies!

Grants and Everything About Them

We provide comprehensive grant counselling. The first step how to successfully obtain grant funding is usually an audit, that maps the basic options for financial support and subsequently finding adequate subsidies. Following the preparation and processing of your projects for funding, the application will be taken care of by an experienced project team, saving the time and energy of your staff, and with the assurance of the correctness of your application.

Receiving grant funding is usually only the beginning of the story, and you might still be in need of project administration support!

The successful implementation of a project supported by grants is a time-consuming administrative process. We have years of experience with the successful realization of grant projects and we are ready to help you with yours.

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