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From time to time every company gets into a difficult situation.  It is helpful to know the areas where Everesta can support you.

Everesta consultingWe provide comprehensive advice on human resource management.  We identify the needs of your staff, prepare curriculum for training, and study the motivation of people in society and introduce a system of motivation and evaluation based on our research. We will help motivate your team with motivational workshops, and individual training. If you require help with the recruitment process, we prepare a customized method of recruitment and selection, including assessment and development centers, and we can test the candidates.  We work with great insight into the Czech labor market, and we design HR processes related to the objectives and strategies of your firm. Our HR Academy is focused on developing courses and seminars for increasing professionalism of HR managers and recruiters.

For senior managers, we offer consultation on organizational structure, strategic planning and management of companies, their departments and subsidiaries, often in the form of individual coaching.

We are also aware that it is necessary to ensure a good company name, so we put emphasis on personal marketing and provide consultancy in the sales and marketing process, not only through formal training, but also conferences and seminars.

We are the sherpas who will help you get to the top.

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