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Educational videos

Everesta produces professional educational videos to use for training programs. The best Czech specialist on each of the chosen topics in adult education methodology worked with us on the production along side professional actors and film-makers. Thanks to this combination, the movies are based on the Czech real world, which enhances the effectiveness of the movies.

The model situations are complemented by a lecturer's feedback and key rules of the appropriate solutions. It is possible to use these educational videos as a self study tool, as part of e-learning or as a commented supplement of a course.

Via the link below, you can have a look at some trailers with English subtitles, and if you are interested in our movies in any other language, we will provide you with a subtitled or dubbed version in English, German, French, Russian or any other language.


Everesta Educational videos

We have a constantly growing set of education movies covering a wide range of topics:

  • Assertiveness on the phone
  • Etiquette for receptionists
  • How to deal with different types of clients on the phone
  • How to lead
  • Professional shop assistant
  • Situational management for managers
  • Relaxation techniques for workplace stress
  • Delegation; dividing and assigning tasks for middle management
  • Serviceman as a company representative
  • Team roles and a teamwork
  • Dealing with customers for clerks and store operators
  • Motivation and valuation of employees in public administration
  • Dealing with objections for salesmen
  • Basics of the first aid
  • How to deal with handicapped people

You can buy our educational videos in Czech at www.everesta.cz in our e-shop.

If you want to find out more about our educational movies, you can contact our movie specialist :

Ms Tereza Janatková (in Czech):
Tel: +420 777 038 359
e-mail: tereza.janatkova (a) everesta tecka cz

Or our foreign affairs coordinator
Ms Markéta Bábková (in English, German or French):
Tel: +420 777 038 367
e-mail: marketa.babkova (a) everesta tecka cz

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