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Out of the box 2015

Three years ago, we started the serie of “Out of the box” conferences to allow us (and you) a one day break from the usual daily managing routine.

Only then – out of your office, your emails and meetings – you can have a different and unconventional view on your business and people in it.

The "Out of the box" conferences enable you to recharge you inner batteries with new ideas, inspiration, original opinions (whether politically correct or incorrect) or unexpected views on business topics from a number of interesting speakers.

If you are a company manager, owner, executive, entrepreneur, HR director or strategist - it is your very personal role to look forward and discover the trends, connect ideas, go cross over.

These conferences are held twice a year, the working language is Czech. Started in spring 2012, we have already covered the topics of "Out of the Box" (ability to look at things from unexpected points of view) and "The Strategy of Survival" (behavior in critical situations). In 2013 we examined the theme "Hunting for Personalities" (role of personalities in business) and "Sugar and Whip" (motivation vs. performance under pressure).

The conference "Old dogs and new tricks" held in spring 2015 presents different views on change of attitude in life and our everyday business.

On this website you will find further detailed information on past and future conferences.

If you like to become an official partner of the conference – please contact Dominika Šenková at dominika.senkova@venzkrabice.cz

Enjoy an “out of the box” day with us ! 

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